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Bedding for farm animals

Straw bedding for horses
In stock 
1850 UAH(58 EUR)
Company "GAMPELL" is pleased to offer our customers with excellent bedding for horses. It has long been known that straw pellets are a very good bedding for animals and birds to quickly absorb large amounts of water (up to 3.5 times its own weight), eliminate odors and thus are completely harmless...
Group: Bedding for farm animals
Soft granulate straw (Happyfit)
In stock 
2100 UAH(65 EUR)
The GAMPELL company is glad to offer our clients an excellent laying for birds. Long ago it is known that straw pellets are very good laying for animals and birds: quickly absorb large volumes of moisture (up to 3,5 times more of a body weight), eliminate smells and at the same time are completely...
Group: Bedding for farm animals


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